Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

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Pokemon Dawn of Darkness Empty Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

Mensagem por Jrrey em 4/12/2015, 19:34

Play Pokemon Dawn of Darkness, great pokemon MMO, new accounts getting special stuff this month!

Download it here: http://www.pdod.net/pdod-client-download.php.

The game currently offers a complete region, filled with dozens of quests and additional content to continue with once you're done with the main storyline. You may find yourself a worthy challenger in any of our competitive systems, whether it's Battle Points Playlists, Official Tournaments for PvP. Those which want to take a different route can make use of the quest master for daily challenges, the battle tower and take part in building rare shiny/shadow collections.

Quem gosta de Pokemon, tem que testar este jogo :D
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Pokemon Dawn of Darkness Empty Re: Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

Mensagem por Drastic' em 4/12/2015, 20:27

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness Bem-loco-o

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness Giphy
Criador Pokémon

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